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Manufacturers Are Building Occupants, too – EHS Issues Related to Building Occupancy

Obviously, our blog focuses on issues that affect manufacturers.  Specifically, my posts deal with environmental or health and safety issues manufacturers face. Sometimes, though, it’s good to step back and remember that manufacturers are also companies that occupy buildings and have employees, and there are environmental or health and safety issues that just go along … Continue Reading

Have You Considered Alternative and Renewable Energies?

Manufacturing is an energy-intensive enterprise. Moreover, in the Northeast, energy and electricity are expensive.  We are finding that more and more of our manufacturing clients are taking charge (pun intended) of their energy costs by looking at what used to be called “alternative energy.” Perhaps it’s installing solar on a large, flat roof, to produce … Continue Reading

What’s your on-line (EHS) profile?

Did you know…. your compliance history (and other information about your company or your site) is readily available on USEPA and OSHA’s websites, as well as many state environmental agency websites. Envirofacts, at EPA, has the most information.  Someone can search the “Multisystem”  database, or by various topic searches: air, waste, facility, land, toxics, compliance, … Continue Reading

Keeping C-PACE – Financing for Clean Energy Improvements

The Manufacturing Law Blog provides timely commentary on issues of importance to manufacturers and distributors.  Contributors from the law firm of Robinson & Cole LLP are corporate compliance and litigation attorney, Jeff White; environmental, health and safety attorney, Pam Elkow;  and labor and employment attorney, Nicole Bernabo While this blog focuses on manufacturers, many of you are … Continue Reading