Did you know…. your compliance history (and other information about your company or your site) is readily available on USEPA and OSHA’s websites, as well as many state environmental agency websites.

Envirofacts, at EPA, has the most information.  Someone can search the “Multisystem”  database, or by various topic searches: air, waste, facility, land, toxics, compliance, water, radiation, and other.  The various databases contain information on the types of permits a facility has, whether there have been enforcement efforts, toxic chemicals emitted, hazardous waste generated.

OSHA’s website has searching capabilities for inspections by facility, as well as by industry (the search is using SIC or NAICS codes).  For those by facility, the database includes both open and closed inspections, as well as the resolution of those that are closed. So anyone can see if you’ve been cited, under what standards, what the proposed penalties were and what penalties you actually paid. OSHA also highlights on its Enforcement page press releases for “eggregious” and “serious” cases.

Many state agencies also have online resources that allow searching to see if a site has underground storage tanks, or if there has been a reported spill and its status. For example, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has a robust set of on-line resources; these include a database of sites being remediated pursuant to the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, and one of underground storage tanks.  New York’s Department of Conservation allows searches for spill incidents and remedial sites, as well as registered tanks.

So, if you have a few minutes to spare, and want to see what your on-line EHS profile is, instead of “Googling” the  company, check out one of the websites above.