The mission of this blog is to present you with a thoughtful and timely discussion of legal news and perspectives and related business issues that are facing manufacturers and distributors both within our firm’s northeast region and throughout the country. We are experienced attorneys who dedicate our practice to learning the needs, goals, and problems of our clients and then establishing an appropriate course of action to achieve their objectives. This blog will provide practical, relevant legal information based on our experiences and understanding of the complex business issues facing this industry.

Although there are thousands of bloggers out there, few, if any, are focused on legal issues that face manufacturers and distributors. It is our goal to fill that void and have the Manufacturing Law Blog serve as not only a resource for our clients and potential clients, but also, anyone interested in manufacturing law issues, such as consultants, industry trade groups, the media, and the like.

As with many good things in life, the idea for the Manufacturing Law Blog grew organically through deep and long-term relationships with friends and colleagues. We have worked together at Robinson+Cole for several years on matters involving manufacturing clients. This is due in part to the fact that our practices are complementary of each other and we all strive to provide a holistic and team-like approach to any manufacturing or distributor client.

This blog is a work in progress so we encourage anyone to contact us via email at or on Twitter at @ManufactureLaw to share any comments, compliments, or criticisms.