Last week, I had the pleasure of attending our law firm’s 6th Annual Environmental & Energy Issues Summit in Newport, Rhode Island.  Robinson+Cole’s Environmental and Energy Issues Summit brings industry leaders together to discuss topics and regulatory updates relevant to environmental and energy professionals.  This year’s program included subjects such as “Plant Closures, Temporary Employees, Employment and OSHA,” “Environmental Considerations in Purchase & Sale Agreement for Businesses & Real Estate,” “Retail Energy Markets,” and “EHS Management Systems.”  The Summit is an excellent opportunity for our clients and friends to “benchmark” and discuss common issues.  If you would be interested in attending a future Summit, please let us know.

I had the pleasure of providing a presentation regarding contractual provisions that are often overlooked in contracts for goods and services.  Typically, these provisions are at the end of the contract and are inserted by a party’s legal counsel.  These provisions include anti-assignment clauses (i.e., the contract cannot be assigned without written consent), indemnification clauses, non-competition clauses, and forum selection clauses (i.e., where a company can be sued).  I also discussed something called the “battle of the forms” wherein a buyer and seller have competing terms and conditions.  I am happy to share my powerpoint or provide a quick presentation for company personnel if that would be helpful.  You can reach me at