Do you make a “green” product?  Do you make any claims about the recyclability, renewable energy used, sustainability or other “green-ness” of your product?  If so, you may want to double check those claims.

The Federal Trade Commission first issued its “Green Guides” several years ago, and issued revised Green Guides in October 2012.  The

From a corporate compliance/litigation perspective, my watchlist includes 3-D printing (“additive manufacturing”) and the rise of consumer class actions particularly in the area of food and beverage and nutritional/dietary supplements and the impact those cases might have on all manufacturers and distributors.

3-D Printing / Additive Manufacturing:

Almost every day, I see some sort

As I type this, it’s the first day March Madness, the first day of spring (despite the snow on the ground outside), and December 1, 2013 seems very far away.   Yet, it’s the first deadline in the new, revised Hazard Communication standard. 

A quick review: On March 21, 2012, OSHA revised the Hazard Communication Standard