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2020 Corporate Compliance & Litigation Outlook for Manufacturers

We kicked off our seventh year writing the Manufacturing Law Blog with Megan’s predictions for EH&S and Matt weighed in about labor and employment.  So, now it is my turn: Sales Growth You might wonder why I would start a compliance/litigation discussion with a business issue, but for most industrial companies these issues are interrelated.  We … Continue Reading

Department of Justice Expands Guidance on Evaluating Corporate Compliance Programs

This week we are pleased to have a guest post from Edward Heath and Kevin Daly.  Attorneys Heath and Daly are members of Robinson+Cole’s Manufacturing Industry Team and regularly counsel clients on trade compliance, anti-corruption compliance, and other corporate compliance issues. Earlier this year, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) issued new guidance regarding … Continue Reading

Government Initiatives in Response to Wave of Harassment Allegations Challenge Manufacturers

Two recent developments, generated from the tidal forces of the #MeToo movement should get manufacturers’ attention. On December 22, 2017, Congress adopted a comprehensive tax reform law.  Included in the statute is an amended Section 162(q).  That provision states that manufacturers may no longer deduct from federal income tax “(1) any settlement or payment related … Continue Reading

2018 Corporation Compliance & Litigation Outlook for Manufacturers

As we mark the Manufacturing Law Blog’s 5th anniversary, I am also pleased to announce the launch of our new manufacturing law website.  To access it, please click here. Last week, Megan provided our thoughts and predictions for environmental, health & safety.  This week, I am providing our outlook for corporate compliance and litigation. GDPR … Continue Reading

Robinson+Cole Hosts Market Briefing on Export Opportunities in Indonesia

On September 19, 2017, our Manufacturing Industry Team proudly hosted an informal market briefing on export opportunities in Indonesia with Andrew Billard, commercial attaché at the U.S. Embassy Jakarta. Presented by the U.S. Commercial Service Connecticut office, the program offered insight into the Indonesian market, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, and provided an overview of export opportunities. … Continue Reading

How The Failure To Comply With The Conflict Minerals Law Can Expose Manufacturers To Criminal Penalties

Last year, we provided an overview regarding the requirement that U.S. publicly traded companies disclose their use of “conflict minerals.”  As of 2014, the Government Accounting Office reported that 1,321 companies filed the requisite disclosure.  The GAO anticipated that over 6,000 companies could be affected by the rule.  That discrepancy can be explained either by: … Continue Reading

How Passage of Trade Secrets Act Will Help Manufacturers: An Update

Last month, we posted about the United States Senate’s passage of the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016.  Breaking news:  It passed.  Thanks to members of our Labor & Employment (Ian Clarke-Fisher) and Intellectual Property Litigation groups (Jim Nault) for this guest post. On May 11, 2016, President Barack Obama signed the Defend Trade Secrets … Continue Reading

How Passage of Trade Secrets Act Will Help Manufacturers

We welcome a guest post this week from Nuala Droney and James Nault, who are members of Robinson + Cole’s Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Team. This week, the United States Senate passed the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016, which, if passed by the House and signed into law by President Obama, would give trade … Continue Reading

5 Things Manufacturers Should Be Watching In 2016 In The Areas of Corporate Compliance / Litigation

This is the first in a series of posts that provide industry and legal outlooks for manufacturers as we head into 2016.  I will start with corporate compliance and litigation.  Matt will follow with labor/employment.  And, Megan will conclude the series with Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). Here are 5 things (of many) that I … Continue Reading

A Troubling Future Part One:  Teamsters’ Pension Rescue Plan

  Two significant developments in the multi-employer pension world emerged in September, developments which could give manufacturers concern.  While this is not the time to panic (we have plenty of time to panic), readers should take notice. Development number one was the filing on September 25 of the Teamsters’ Central States Pension “Rescue Plan” to … Continue Reading

Thank you Jeff, Pam and our Followers

  I have decided to begin the next phase of my career inhouse practicing labor and employment law.  Therefore, it is time for my last post, albeit a goodbye, as an author of this blog.  You are in good hands as my colleague, Matt Miklave, has graciously agreed to take over the labor and employment … Continue Reading

Expansion of the Joint Employer Standard May Challenge Manufacturers

In this installment of the blog’s 360, I am going to spin off the temporary employee discussion and address the joint employer relationship.  Joint employment has certainly been a big Mcissue for McDonald’s these days and one that manufacturers should also keep on their radar.  The National Labor Relations Board recently issued a complaint against … Continue Reading

Nominating The Manufacturing Law Blog For Recognition In the ABA’s “Annual Blawg 100”

Each year, the American Bar Association (ABA)’s Journal releases its “Annual Blawg 100,” which is a listing of the best legal blogs in the country.  In order to be selected, the ABA Journal asks that readers nominate blogs that they read regularly and that they believe other lawyers should know about.  Pam, Nicole and I would … Continue Reading

Temporary Workers: Properly Sharing Control Is Key To The Relationship

  Manufacturers are increasingly using temporary employees (“temps”) to supplement the work force.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the temporary workforce has increased exponentially.  Manufacturers  previously used temps as a stopgap for labor, but are now routinely using temps to supplement the workforce.  Our 360 post this week touches on the issues associated … Continue Reading

Severance Pay, Connecticut Minimum Wage Hike and Employee Background Checks

Some quick hits this week on the employment front for manufacturers: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Severance Pay Is Taxable The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that employers must pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on severance packages given to workers who were laid off involuntarily.  In a unanimous decision, the Court ruled 8-0 that … Continue Reading

How Safe Are Your Trade Secrets?

In today’s competitive marketplace trade secrets are an organization’s most valuable asset.  The only way to ensure protection of a trade secret is to keep the information confidential.  Are you taking adequate measures to protect your company’s assets? Who has access to the company’s most important trade secret information, and how is it currently protected? Is this … Continue Reading

A Renewed Call To Reform The Patent System To Address “Patent Trolls”

The words “manufacturer” and “innovation” often go together like “peanut butter” and “jelly.”  Many manufacturers spend years developing processes and products that they then must protect by using the legal system such as through obtaining patents, trademarks, etc. Over the past several years, many manufacturers have learned that there are entities in the marketplace known as “patent … Continue Reading

NLRB Proposes Rules To Provide More Employee Information To Unions And To Speed Up The Election Process

On February 4th, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced revisions to certain labor representation rules that would significantly impact both nonunionized and unionized manufacturers.  Although these rules are proposed and not considered final, manufacturing companies should pay close attention as the agency rulemaking process moves forward this year. The revisions that the NLRB is … Continue Reading

Contingency Plans During the Federal Government Shutdown

The unfortunate news of last week – the federal government shutdown – continues and the operating status of the government remains unpredictable.  Contingency plans for all federal government agencies are available here .  This post summarizes the current plans of some key labor and employment agencies, and the federal courts, during the government closure.  United States Citizen and … Continue Reading

3-D Printing: The Wave of the Future?

Last month, I had lunch with a friend who is an in-house lawyer who oversees intellectual property (IP) litigation for a diversfied international manfucturer.  During our lunch, we discussed the impact that 3-D printing will have on the marketplace over the next few decades.  The business and legal implications are wide ranging as some believe that it will revolutionize manufacturing and others … Continue Reading

In Case You Missed It – What’s New at EPA

The Manufacturing Law Blog provides timely commentary on issues of importance to manufacturers and distributors.  Contributors from the law firm of Robinson & Cole LLP are corporate compliance and litigation attorney, Jeff White; environmental, health and safety attorney, Pam Elkow;  and labor and employment attorney, Nicole Bernabo. It’s summer, and it’s easy to get behind on reading, … Continue Reading

Connecticut Manufacturing Industry Survey Reveals Significant Challenges

The Manufacturing Law Blog provides timely commentary on issues of importance to manufacturers and distributors.  Contributors from the law firm of Robinson & Cole LLP are corporate compliance and litigation attorney, Jeff White; environmental, health and safety attorney, Pam Elkow;  and labor and employment attorney, Nicole Bernabo Robinson & Cole LLP had the privilege of  working with a … Continue Reading

Three Things You May Not Have Seen: The Affordable Care Act, Supplemental Environmental Projects, And Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer Shut Down By Court Order

* The Manufacturing Law Blog provides timely commentary on issues of importance to manufacturers and distributors.  Contributors from the law firm of Robinson & Cole LLP are corporate compliance and litigation attorney, Jeff White; environmental, health and safety attorney, Pam Elkow; and labor and employment attorney, Nicole Bernabo. Each week, Chris Matthews ends his show by … Continue Reading